Weird sound bluetooth headphones

2021. 11. 15. · Bluetooth Headphones can produce muffled audio when they are exposed to moisture, build up too much debris in the speakers, have faulty wireless connections, or are receiving from a poor audio source. Most of these.

2020. 3. 1. · So, I bought my Philips SHP9500 headphones two weeks back and they were working fine until today when I was watching gameplay videos on YouTube (on Firefox). They are working absolutely fine with Chrome but a crackling sound is bothering me when using Firefox.

2021. 10. 21. · If you hear buzzing, popping, crackling, or vibration noises from your Bluetooth® headphones that sound different than the more common static or distortion sounds caused by environmental interference issues, Contact the Product Support team. Product Repair. Repair information and service assistance. Contact Support.




2015. 5. 15. · So i got new bluetooth headphones - they sound really good, i can watch youtube and videos and all that just fine with really good sound. However, when i enter a discord call with my friends - their microphones sound really bad with poor fuzzy quality when they're not because i tried some earphones and their microphones sounded normal.

1.1 Click Bluetooth and run the troubleshooter 1.2 Click Hardware & devices and run the troubleshooter 2. Take actions related to Bluetooth driver Windows Key+X > Click Device Manager > Expand Bluetooth > Right click on entry below > A. Rollback the Driver Click Properties > Go to Driver tab > If there is rollback option, click it.