Mgb duratec conversion kit

In car tuning culture, an engine swap is the process of removing a car's original engine and replacing it with another. This may be a like-for-like replacement, or to install a non-factory specification engine. Typically an engine swap is performed for performance, swapping-in a more powerful engine; however, an engine swap may also be.

1) pull the 2.0 duratec, and put a TTS performance supercharger on there, have forged pistons, rods, and a crank to replace the stock ones, and have new cams and a tune put on the whole thing. Goal hp:400, up to 450 if thats pheasable for relatively cheap. Ford Duratec 2.0-2.5 I4 – to Mazda 6 Speed Gearbox Trackday Flywheel & Clutch Ford Duratec 2.0-2.5 I4 – Type 9 – TTVR 215 Trackday Ford Zetec 1.8/2.0 to iB5 Gearbox Lite 1 x 215 TD Kit. Search: Mgb Duratec Conversion Kit. What is Mgb Duratec Conversion Kit. Likes: 582. Shares: 291.

To Convert an MGB to V6 power Means The CCE MGB V6 installation kit. This kit has been designed for all 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4L Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) applications for 1982-1995 Rear drive GM 60 degree V6 motors into 1968-1980 MGBs and can be fit to 1962-1967 MGBs with some work..




Designed with innovative manufacturing techniques Made with maximum safety and reliability in mind. $18.24 - $268.63. Mahle® Engine Conversion Gasket. 0. # sp197194. Engine Conversion Gasket by Mahle®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Mahle features premium quality and will perform better than advertised.

I'm getting 19 mpg with about 50% highway cruising and 50% full throttle bouncing off the rev limiter. I expect a normal tank with no race events to be in the 25-28 range. Monday I'll be driving 160 miles each way to thunderhill raceway with 7 hours of drifting in the middle. I expect zero issues again. I'm absolutely loving this swap!".

The Turbo 700R4 transmission has taken the conversion world by storm and is a good option for the same reasons as the TH350, with advantages in having both a lower first gear and a .75:1 overdrive. Additionally, it is the transmission often coupled with many of the GM TBI & TPI V6 & V8 engines that are the prime candidates for Jeep swaps.