Ring doorbell wiring diagram without chime

Country. 9 Jan 2018. #1. Hi All, I've got a mains powered Byron 776 hanging in my hallway. I then have a two wire bell cable going out to a regular push button by the front door. All of these cables are concealed. I now want to replace this with a Ring doorbell and assumed that I just have to replace the push button but am getting mixed messages.

Complete the following steps to install the ADC-VDB770: 1. Install power module. If you are using a chime, start by locating the chime box. Remove power from the chime box at the breaker. In most cases, the transformer for the doorbell chime will be hardwired to the house AC wiring. Installing a Ring doorbell - followed all the instructions and the ring is not powering on. I believe the issue might be the transformer in the chime box... Professional Electrician. Electrical Forum Wiring and Theories PIR PAT Tools and Products. DIY Electrical Advice. DIY Electrical Forum Electrical Appliances Lighting Advice Forum Electrical Tools. Electrician Talk..

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The chime has 4 terminals labelled 0, T3, 1R and F2. I have traced the wires and the ones coming direct from the transformer are going to 0 and T3. The wire that comes out of the chime and goes off to the outside doorbell are on 0 and F2 so 1R has no wire connected at all and 0 has two, 1 from the transformer and 1 to the outside doorbell.

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