Graves starfire v2 trigger

Geissele 2-Stage G2S Trigger - The G2S was designed with the customer in mind, with a cost-effective approach. This trigger features a 4.5 lb pull and allows for precise trigger control. Geissele SSAE Trigger - The SSAE was designed to be used in marksman situations where accuracy is of the upmost importance. The SSAE has enhanced trigger control while still maintaining its robustness.

The FRT-15 will NOT operate in an AR-10 or an AR with a 22lr conversion kit. In some but not all cases, the FRT-15 ™ will run in an AR-9mm. That said, we have already designed and prototyped the FRT-9 and FRT-10. They have not been put into production just yet but it shouldn't be too far down the road until they're available.

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The Powered By Graves Alamo-15 allows you to shoot faster than you ever thought possible. It's Damn Fast. Features Roller locking bar for reduced wear and tear and a more reliable cycle of action: Improves reliability across AR platforms compared to competing triggers. Reduces wear and tear ultimately increasing the life of the trigger.

GRAVES V2-ART Positive displacement reset trigger for AR 15 Learn more GRAVES V2-AR Replaces AR 15 type carbine length buffers GRAVES & .460 ROWLAND ® 1911 recoil dampers Learn more about basic Browning ACP type recoil springs, dampers, and buffers.